Asia’s tallest suspension bridge- Nepal

A long suspension bridge over Asia has been completed to connect the neighboring district of Baglung to the Kushma of the mountains.The construction of the bridge, which started a year ago, has come into operation this year. Construction of a 567-meter-long suspension bridge connecting Kushma Municipality-1, Pang Adubabari to Baglung Municipality-1, Ramrekha has been completed. The construction work of the bridge has been completed, said Narahari Khadka, representative of construction company Thani, BLT Himashikhar Construction.    Khadka said that the bridge was scheduled to be inaugurated on Tuesday but was affected due to the lockdown.Khadka, a representative of the contractor company, said that the model project was completed with the help of modern technology even though it was difficult and challenging to pull the logs of the 130-meter-high suspension bridge over the Kaligandaki River. During the lockdown, 16 workers worked regularly.After the completion of the construction work, they have settled on the side of Pang. 28 logs have been pulled on the bridge. A total of 945 steel decks have been laid on the bridge. The bridge has the capacity to accommodate four people per square foot and can withstand even if the bridge is full. As the bridge will be long, bike operation will be banned. The age of the bridge is up to 50 years.After the construction of the bridge, the people of Kushma Municipality and Jaljala Municipality will have easy access to the people who have commercial relations with Baglung Bazar. Head of Kushma Municipality-4 Pang Devendra Subedi said that the bridge built on the river Kaligandaki was located at Baglung Gate, Maldunga Bazar, Mid-Mountain Highway and Corridor Corridor road segment.The Thani-BLT-Himshikhar JV Construction Company had won the contract worth Rs 69.1 million through the open bidding process through the suspension bridge department. The bridge was designed by a Nepali engineer.The bridge is claimed by the construction company to be the longest bridge in Asia. Although the multi-span nature Chandni-Dodhara bridge built on the Mahakali River in Kanchanpur is considered to be the longest in Asia, the bridge being built here is the first of its kind in the open nature. The Chandni-Dodhara bridge has 14-15 towers and the bridge in Baglung is built in the open air, making it the longest bridge in Nepal, said Khadka, a representative of the construction company.

Parbat and Baglung Connection suspension Bridge-Nepal

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