Nepal Youth Vision-2025

Youth force is the change agent of political, economic and social changes in any country. The present developed and developing countries seem to have achieved progress in development and construction through the quantitative and qualitative development of the young human resources. In the development and progress of every country the contribution of the youth has occupied a prominent place. Even though Nepal seems to be in a position where it has an opportunity to enter the golden era of affluence and development taking advantage of the youth demographic benefits, the desired level of changes could not be achieved in the economic and social sectors due to the political transition.

Nepal has been placed at 145 in the world youth development indicator. Even if compared to South Asian countries, the youth development indicator of Nepal seems to be the weakest.5 Even though the ratio of fully unemployed youth in Nepal has been shown merely as 2.3% in the government figures, the ratio of semi employed youth is about 36%. According to the International Labor Organization, the fully unemployed ratio is 19.2% whereas the semi unemployed ratio is 28.3%. Nearly 36% of the unemployed youth force in Nepal is not connected with economic production and skills.

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