Fastest Train in the world,

Shanghai Maglev is the fastest train in the world with a maximum operating speed of 267.8 mph. This service operates by Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co. Shanghai Maglev runs at Shanghai’s high-speed magnetic levitation line. Maglev is an abbreviation of magnetic levitation – suspension or floating of an object by the magnetic field.

Unlike regular train tracks, Shanghai Maglev has no wheel, and it floats on magnetic field existing between the train and track. This electromagnetic pull offers by the powerful magnates let the train to fly over the track as there is no contact between train and track.

Shanghai maglev could reach its top speed of 267.8 mph from 0 mph in just 4 minutes. The Shanghai’s 18.95-mile long maglev line is the only commercially operated maglev in the world. Siemens and ThyssenKrupp companies built the Shanghai Maglev. The public service of the Shanghai maglev started on 1st January 2004.

It operates between Long Yang Road and Pudong international airport. The Shanghai maglev only takes 7 minutes and 20 seconds to complete the whole journey. The total passenger capacity of the Shanghai maglev train is 574. Also, the train operates in every 15 minutes. It cost US$8 for one ticket and US$16 for a VIP ticket to travel in Shanghai maglev.

Key Specifications

  • Top speed: 267.8 miles per hour
  • Acceleration: 0 to 267.8 mph in just 4 minutes
  • No wheel
  • Only commercially operated maglev in the world
  • Runs between Long Yang Road and Pudong international airport
  • 574 seats in total
  • US$8 for a regular ticket
  • US$16 for a VIP ticket

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