Reasons to Visit Nepal

With breathtaking views of some of the highest mountains on earth, infectious culture, welcoming people, delicious delicacies, myriad adventures, awe-inspiring wildlife,  this landlocked Himalayan nation has some of the best of everything for all sorts of travelers. Here are eight reasons why you should visit Nepal at least once in your lifetime.

1. Experience with diverse culture

Nepal is home to over 35 ethnic groups, each having its unique language, belief, festival, and art. For example, the Newar people, the earliest inhabitant of Kathmandu Valley, still speaks its own language – Newari or Nepal Bhasa and observes its own festivals such as Swanti, which is a lavish five-day festival highlighting the central role women in the household. Visiting Nepal gives you a fantastic opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself into their distinctive cultures.

2. Explore with Bouddha Nath Temple incredible heritage sites

Home to two fascinating UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites, Kathmandu Valley and Lumbini, Nepal will never disappoint enthusiasts of history, art, and architecture. In Kathmandu valley, the spiritual heart of Nepal, you will find numerous medieval temples, enchanting Buddhist monasteries, and stupas while a trip to Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, can also be a delightful and enlightening experience.

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